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Hello boaters from around the World!

Thank you for coming by and viewing our website – We are not fancy, we do not have an unlimited budget and we definitely do not “work” with normal boating hours – But we will meet with you after hours, ship products Worldwide and we have FUN – So now onto a few thoughts below –

Never did I think the world could have been so out of kilter. That the demand for boat trailers and many other products were weeks, months or in some cases not available.

Well, we made the best of life’s challenges, we survived politicians and circumstances that were beyond our direct control.  We are Boaters. We are resilient.  We are 411MarrineCom. We sell EZ Loader Boat Trailers, Rocket Boat Trailers, and used marine salvage parts.

We are attempting to predict our own paths to help each of you with boat trailering needs or our used marine salvage parts.

Like so many places, we are understaffed. So please be patient.  IF I personally forget to email you. Please reach back out to Us. If I misplace the thought to call you back, please call me back.   We do prioritize our families and others that may have come before you.  We appreciate your business. BUT … always a “But” – we will not tolerate anyone being rude or demanding.  I personally have and will cancel sales If you are overbearing pushy or rude at any time.  We ALL make mistakes. How we handle them fairly is the test of character.  (I am working on mine. Still improving, I am)

If you order a trailer from 411MarineCom, please keep in mind, we will do our best to conclude your sale as reasonably as possible, however some things are out of our direct control.  We will communicate with you.  Let’s bring manufacturing back to the United States – EZ Loader Trailers are 85+ percent #MadeInTheUSA – More products from all companies need to be made by #Americanworkers for #Americans to enjoy and the World to buy from the #GreatestCountryintheWorld

Veterans of all wars – we appreciate your service – Thank you for the opportunity to safely enjoy Life in the #UnitedStatesofAmerica. #ProudtobeAmerican.

Thank you!

Chris Bright

PS, IF anyone will write the above better, please send me a copy to post here 🙂   Thank you.


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